We buy your sorted paper, plastic, cardboard, glass bottles & electronic equipment for recycling!
How does this work?
  • Bring your sorted recycling to us (No Charge)
  • We can collect in Centurion @ R300/load
  • We will open your account and pay by EFT
  • You can also donate to any non-profit organization
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44 Venturi Crescent, Venturi Park B5, Centurion

44 Venturi
Unit B5
Centurion, Gauteng 0157
076 335 6173

Vision and mission

Delivering quality service.

Get South Africa's landfill sites free of recyclable waste.

To increase the volume and quality of our recycling.

To promote sales of recyclable & re-usable products as far as possible.

About Us

We are a family business based in Centurion, South Africa - a small company that makes a big difference.

We support recycling in general, "green energy", eco-friendly stuff and anything that goes with that!

Customer satisfaction is #1

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